Next Chapter

As Baycrest enters its second century, we look forward to what lies ahead on our continuing journey and the ways in which our dedicated staff and volunteers, along with our community of patients, residents, families and donors, will continue to define our success.

Our Next Chapter tells the stories of how we are working together to realize our vision: a world where every older adult enjoys a life of purpose, inspiration and fulfilment.

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Dr. Freedman's Story

Dr. Morris Freedman and other Baycrest scientists are developing better cognitive tests like the new toronto cognitive assessment (TorCA).

The key to treating and preventing dementia could lie in diagnosing early cognitive decline and intervening sooner. The TorCA saves time and resources.

The TorCA captures anonymous patient information in a database developed by the Rotman Research Institute's Dr. Stephen Strother and other Canadian researchers.

The database allows scientists to more easily identify and recruit consenting subjects who match criteria for their studies.

Having a larger pool of candidates for research studies will help Rotman Researchers like Dr. Nicole Anderson find solutions faster.

We develop cognitive training and lifestyle interventions to help prevent or slow cognitive decline.

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Sabrina's Story

Sabrina volunteers at Baycrest and was inspired to attend University for recreation and leisure studies with a focus on health and well-being.

I've made so many great friends with other volunteers, like Jean, staff and residents. I look forward to seeing them every Friday morning while taking part in a number of activities and sharing many laughs at Baycrest.

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Martin's Story

Apotex Centre Resident Martin Friedman is a well-known face on the Baycrest campus.

I love volunteering at Baycrest. I've made so many friends.

From greeting visitors every morning to volunteering where he can, Martin shares his love of Baycrest with everyone he meets.

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Baycrest's Music Therapy

Baycrest's Rotman Research Institute scientist, Dr. Claude Alain, says that playing and listening to music can stimulate attention and memory.

We've known for a long time that musicians have better working memories. After several tests, we found that they access different areas in the brain when calling to mind details.

Ricky Chow, Dr. Alain's Research Assistant and Lab Manager, is passionate about how music can help play a role in memory.

At Baycrest, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with post-doctoral fellows and neuropsychologists combining brain stimulation with music to improve memory in older adults.

Baycrest was recognized for the third consecutive year as one of Canada's Top Employers for Young People in 2019.

Chrissy Pearson is a certified music therapist at Baycrest. Her work is grounded in evidence-based research and experience.

Music therapy techniques unlock connections to memories, emotions and community.

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Chanile' Story

Chanile Vines, a Baycrest staff member, was inspired to help others after caring for her grandmother who suffered from dementia.

My grandmother and I were kindred spirits. It was heartbreaing to see her decline.

Chanile volunteered at a dementia helpline and began her Master's in Psychology.

Chanile received funds from the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation to develop an app that supports caregivers. The app is called iTAV (It Takes A Village).

I realized that a lot of people caring for someone with dementia don't have a place like Baycrest to help them access resources. If you're caring for a loved one with dementia, the app will help you rally support and figure out your next steps.

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Sophie's life at the Terraces

At Baycrest, Sophie takes part in a wide variety of activities, including a musical theatre group.

Each performance gives us confidence and provides me with an opportunity to share my love of music and songs.

The on-site health centre and pharmacy offer her peace of mind.

I have access to the doctors at various clinics who take good care of me. I was provided a walker which has greatly helped my quality of life.

Her family and friends also have peace of mind.

I am constantly receiving positive feedback from my daughters and friends. They can tell I am truly happy and thriving here.

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The SOS App

Dr. Raquel Meyer and Jennifer Reguindin created the SOS app, to improve specialized knowledge among healthcare providers.

The app presents simulated scenarios involving elderly clients in a multiple choice game format. It's a dynamic and interactive way for students to learn and better serve Baycrest clients.

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Ruby & Michael's Story

When Ruby's husband was diagnosed with dementia, she was stunned and overwhlemed. The support group "Road to Connection" helped her.

The words of many professionals we met at Baycrest ring true. The journey with dementia is not a sprint but it is a marathon.

She says the disease can beat you down if you let it. Instead, she chose to live with a brighter outlook.

The whole family feels the impact in different ways and will continue to stand strong, fight for Michael and live life to the fullest, despite the diagnosis.

It's a difficult race at times but they are grateful for their family, friends and healthcare professionals.

Our marathon is two years young. On the way we have been touched and blessed by kindness, compassion, unconditional love and acceptance by many at Baycrest.

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Riva & Fay's Story

Riva and Fay cherish their time together at Cafe Europa

Cafe Europa introduced me to so many new freinds that have now become my family. This program is such an important part of my life.

Holocaust survivors get together once a month for a social gathering at Baycrest's Azriely Foundation Cafe Europa

Everybody lives in different parts of the city, so this is an important opportunity to see each other and connect. Cafe Europa feeds my soul.

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Ocia Henry's Story

Ocia Henry got her start at Baycrest as a volunteer helping residents, leading sing-a-longs and assisting with field trips.

I never thought of pursuing a career in health care but volunteering with Baycrest residents changed my perspective.

Ocia's experience at Baycrest inspired her to first become a personal support worker and later a registered practical nurse.

At Baycrest, I know I'm coming to work to make someone's day a better day.

Ocia continues to work at Baycrest and values all of the connections she makes with residents.

I fell in love with the work and the people, and I couldn't have done it without Baycrest's support.

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Allen's Story

allen rudolph, a resident yoga instructor at the terraces of baycrest, loves sharing his practice with other residents, teaching them the benefits of keeping healthy while aging.

at age 94, allen does yoga and meditates every day.

Yoga keeps my body strong, my mind clear and improves my flexibility.

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Atara's Story

atara anhang has been a volunteer at the apotex, jewish home for the aged residence for over a year.

We just enjoy each other's company at baycrest, talking about the past and present, learning from each other and creating memories.

atara says it's been a privilege to work with residents on baycrest's apotex 3.

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Cathy and David's Story

David Wilkes moved to Baycrest in the Fall of 2017 when his dementia advanced.

Knowing David is receiving the proper care he needs is a huge relief for his wife, Cathy.

He loves the music programs and the social activities.

Baycrest has been life changing for both David and I. It's a place of comfort and joy. I feel good about having David in a place where they put research in to practice.

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