Women Friends of Baycrest support exceptional geriatric care

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“Women Friends of Baycrest had a very successful third year, raising more than $180,000 for renovations of the new Geriatric Clinic. Our group in 2016 combined philanthropy with fun and interesting events featuring healthy eating, visual arts and vintage fashion, along with informative health talks by Baycrest doctors and researchers.”

                -Tobie Bekhor and Gilda Goodman Helman, Co-chairs, Women Friends of Baycrest

Baycrest is leading a culture shift around how to provide medical care for an aging population. In the Geriatric Clinic at Baycrest, specialists look at the whole person. If the issue is mobility, for example, there could be six different factors involved. Baycrest geriatricians aim to identify those factors, remediate, improve quality of life and help patients achieve their goals.

Learn more about Women Friends of Baycrest here, or contact Baycrest at 416-785-2500 ext. 2568.