Groundbreaking work predicts how epilepsy seizures start


“The Virtual Brain has been used to demonstrate epilepsy’s impact on an individual’s brain. Through the research, we can predict how epileptic seizures start and spread within the brain, which could help doctors identify where to intervene during surgery, reducing the risk of adverse events.”

-Dr. Randy McIntosh, co-founder of The Virtual Brain, Vice President of Research at Baycrest and Director of the Rotman Research Institute (RRI)

The Virtual Brain, an international brain-mapping platform co-created by Baycrest, is one step closer to being used by doctors to provide personalized treatments based on brain simulations.

Baycrest aims to create similar simulations that predict the start and spread of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. They are also exploring potential partnership opportunities to improve the platform’s accessibility among physicians and bring it into clinical care.

The Virtual Brain is supported by generous gifts from Maxz’l and Gianna Glassman and the Zwig Family Foundation.

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