Mental health services go far beyond Baycrest


“The Canadian Mental Health Association, Fort Frances Branch has been contracting with Baycrest for Geriatric Psychiatry services via tele-health since September 2002 for client assessments, case consultations and educational sessions. Since that time more than 740 consultations have taken place on a weekly rotating basis in six communities in the Kenora/Rainy River District in Northern Ontario.  These sessions have benefited clients, our staff, local physicians and professionals from the service sector throughout our districts for 15 years. This partnership with Baycrest has assisted to improve mental health and help reduce inequities that many older adults and their caregivers face due to ageism, stigma, financial constraints and resource shortages in rural remote areas.”

                                                         -Tana Langtry, CMHA, Fort Frances Branch

Baycrest has recently expanded its telepsychiatry program to help people in even more communities across Ontario. Our mental health team at Baycrest has also recruited a nurse practitioner to help us serve more clients, and created a new two-day outpatient program. The Geriatric Psychiatry Community Service outreach team is now using tablets during their visits to connect clients who are at home with a psychiatrist at Baycrest during the visit.

Mental health services at Baycrest receive generous support from the RBC Foundation and the Geoffrey H. Wood Foundation.