First clinically-validated, online brain health workshop

Care Education Research

“Normal age-related memory decline can be a source of worry and frustration for many older adults. Baycrest’s Memory and Aging Program is one of the few brain health workshops for healthy older adults around the world that helps seniors take control of their memory change experience and optimize their brain health. The online Memory and Aging Program workshop will allow us to share Baycrest’s expertise to anyone with an Internet connection.”

-Dr. Susan Vandermorris, Baycrest clinical neuropsychologist and lead for the Memory and Aging Program

For more than 20 years, Baycrest’s Memory and Aging Program has helped more than 1,000 healthy older adults. It is among the few clinically-validated, gold standard brain health workshops across the globe and it will offer an evidence-based, brain-training product that has a long track record of scientific excellence.

In 2016, the Memory and Aging Program worked closely with e-learning experts, designers and program users to design an interactive, informative and practical e-learning experience.

With support from the Canadian Centre for Aging & Brain Health Innovation (CC-ABHI), the program is currently being tested by older adults across Canada and is expected to be validated and widely distributed this year.