Workshop for young and old paves path to a connected future

Care Community Education

“These young people are amazingly articulate. Their education went a lot further than mine and I’m learning a lot from them. They are creative, artistic and great company. These students give me great hope for the future.”

                          – Pearl, Intergenerational Institute for Entrepreneurs participant

Ten students and six seniors, ranging in age from 13 to 93, participated in a 5-day program aimed at fostering entrepreneurial skills and design-thinking this past summer. Run by the Culture & Arts department at Baycrest, the Intergenerational Institute for Entrepreneurs brought experts from across the organization together to host workshops throughout the week. Participants worked together to discuss and solve challenges based on real-world issues. The group spent the week learning and working together through dance, meditation, martial arts and discussions about intergenerational and inclusive communities. At the end of the week, groups created and presented prototypes of new community spaces to a panel of judges. Teams were awarded certificates for innovation, application of technology, forward-thinking solutions, and community vision.