House calls via telemedicine increase access to specialized care


“Mobile devices are allowing us to completely change the ways in which we diagnose and deliver care to homebound patients, while reducing wait times and improving access to health care professionals. When meeting with a client in their home, I can now take a photo on a tablet or computer and send it to a specialist with the appropriate clinical information. If a client has more in depth needs, I can even start a videoconference with a specialist and receive a recommendation within a matter of minutes. With telemedicine, consultations which may have taken weeks to schedule and complete in the past are now being done in a fraction of the time.”

-Aysha Bandali, Advanced Practice Leader, Nurse Practitioner, Integrated Community Care Team and Residential & Aging in Place, Baycrest Health Sciences

Thanks to the generous support of Toronto philanthropist Gabi Weisfeld and the Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation, this past year the Integrated Community Care Team at Baycrest has been able to purchase new mobile medical devices and resources to care for homebound older adult patients with complex medical needs. These investments have allowed Baycrest to expand its integrated and inter-professional model of care, bringing meaningful clinical encounters to those in need.