Dementia Resources from Around the World

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“Dementia Resources from Around the World is a carefully curated collection of senior-friendly and peer reviewed websites about dementia, created to help improve patient and caregiver understanding of this condition. While we don’t yet have a cure for dementia, reliable information can provide a lot of hope and help people make informed decisions about their treatment and care options and how to continue to live as well as possible.”

-Dr. David Conn, project lead and Vice President of Education & Director of the Centre for Education & Knowledge Exchange in Aging at Baycrest

Designed for both individuals experiencing symptoms of the disorder and their caregivers, this portal provides resources about dementia risk factors, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options, strategies to cope with daily life challenges and support. To ensure content is accessible to a broad audience, resources are available in multiple formats, including standard text websites, videos, games and pamphlets, and each website was evaluated with a senior-friendly reading assessment tool.

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