91-year-old valedictorian: ‘You’re never too old to learn.’

Care Community Education

“I myself have learned a lot from the courses, I knew absolutely nothing about art before. As the saying goes, you’re never too old to learn. It was really exciting for all of us today. The only thing lacking are the spike heels the Grade 8 girls were wearing!”                                           

Eva Kurtzman, valedictorian and the oldest student(91 years old) of Baycrest learning academy

The Baycrest Learning Academy, in partnership with Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education, is one of the most popular programs at Baycrest. It brings together a variety of older adult learners who are interested in challenging themselves, and who have an appetite for intellectual pursuits. Over the past three years, students have been offered courses in archeology, philosophy, theatre, astronomy, impressionism, history, biology, cinema, neuroscience, classical music, French literature, climatology, sociology and more. The most requested classes are typically music and arts-based – subjects that resonate with Baycrest’s clients, and trigger personal past memories.