Baycrest Challenge: Age 30 years in 30 minutes


“They put me into this aging suit that constricts my movements… It was emotional. I found myself so empathetic toward people who I have in my life who either are experiencing dementia or people who are aging – it gives you such a window into this person’s experience. I am so grateful to Baycrest that they let me take part in this.”

                           -Zane Caplansky of Caplansky’s Deli on Newstalk 1010

The Baycrest 2046 Challenge is a fundraiser that calls on community leaders to complete 30 minutes of their daily activities in a customized simulation that mimics the experience of physical frailty and living with dementia in order to change perceptions of aging and help people understand the challenges faced by older adults. The aging suit is one of several simulation tools used by Baycrest’s Centre for Education and Knowledge Exchange team to train health professionals who provide geriatric care.

Go to to learn more. Watch the video of Zane Caplansky in the aging suit.